Marketing Manager


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia – IAAC is an international center for Education, Fabrication and Research dedicated to the development of architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in constructing 21st century habitability.

Based in the [email protected] district of Barcelona, one of the world’s capitals of architecture and urbanism, not to mention the European Capital for Innovation (2014), IAAC is a platform for the exchange of knowledge with researchers, faculty and students from over 60 countries around the world.

IAAC is currently looking for a Marketing Manager who will be in charge of developing, coordinating and executing all the digital marketing activities of the organization as well as increasing sales and overseeing the improvement of the application process for incoming students.


Tasks include:

●       Managing all the digital marketing for the organization.
●       Developing annual digital marketing strategies in line with the organization’s objectives.
●       Coordinating and implementing marketing activities.
●       Manage and improve lead generation campaigns (PPC).
●       Overseeing and managing the digital marketing budget.
●       Sales forecast.
●       Manage and improve the organization’s ROI.
●       Market research.
●       Work in close collaboration with the lead designer to propose and create IAAC’s marketing material both printed and online.
●       Work in close collaboration with communications assistant in content strategy campaigns on social media and official website.
●       Work in close collaboration with the applications coordinator and the IT team to improve application process and increase lead-conversion rates.
●       Confer with department directors, managers, and staff teams to provide marketing consultation.
●       Work with Communications team on social media activities and website issues, and/or other related items.


Skills required:
●       Full English proficiency (Spanish is also a must).
●       Deep understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels.
●       Experience in managing high-budget PPC campaigns in platforms such as: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, etc.
●       SEO knowledge.
●       Google Analytics Expert
●       Excellent communication skills.
●       Budget Management skills.
●       Previous experience with CRM (Salesforce) software such as Salesforce..
●       Highly analytical personality and ability forecast trends and opportunities.
●       Result-driven.
●       Ability to think creatively and innovatively.


Salary Range
Annual gross income of 28.000€- 30.000€, depending on the experience and skills the candidate brings to the position.

Hours and Starting Date
Full time, 40 hours a week (Monday to Friday, daily from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00, starting by October 1st 2022.

If you are in Barcelona, or you are interested in moving to Barcelona, and working with us, please send us your CV by September 15th 2022 to [email protected] with the subject: Marketing Manager.