This week IAAC welcomed 169 new students from more than 40 countries for this year’s Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01 and MAA02), Master in City and Technology (MaCT01 and MaCT02), Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC), Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings (MAEB) and Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF) programmes. This is the 18th anniversary of our Master’s programme in Advanced Architecture, the first world-class and globally consolidated studies in this field.

India, Turkey, United States, Lebanon, China, United Kingdom, Poland, Syria and Spain are among the countries with the highest number of students enrolled in this academic year. IAAC Head of Studies, Mathilde Marengo, gave a welcome speech and then introduced the academic team and each of the programme coordinators: Marco Ingrassia (Head of Coordinators, OTF + Coordinator MAA02), Valentina Toscano (Coordinator MAA01), Laia Pifarré (Coordinator MAEB), Laura Ruggeri (Coordinator MRAC), Alex Mademochoritis (Coordinator MaCT) and Chiara Dall’Olio (Coordinator MDEF).

After a brief introduction on behalf of the team, the new students took to the stage to introduce themselves, sharing their hopes and dreams for their stay at IAAC. Some of the previous year’s students were also present at the welcome day, giving the students some tips to make the most of their educational experience in Barcelona.

After closing remarks by our academic director Areti Markopoulou and IAAC founder and co-director of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings Vicente Guallart, the students attended the introductory sessions of each master given by the programme directors.

IAAC Launches New Masters
IAAC Academic Year 2018/2019